The Stages API provides read-only access to details of your sales pipeline stages.

Stages are key components of a sales pipeline. Each stage can have any number of Deals associated with it. When you sign up to Sell, we create a single pipeline with 7 stages which you can freely modify via the web frontend.

The table below shows the default state of the pipeline.

Name Category Active Position Likelihood
Prospecting incoming true 1 5
Qualified in_progress true 2 10
Quote in_progress true 3 20
Closure in_progress true 7 50
Won won false 8 n/a
Lost lost false 9 n/a
Unqualified unqualified false 10 n/a


Attribute Description
id number readonly

The unique identifier of the stage.

name string

Human-friendly name of the stage.

category string

The unique category name of the stage.

active boolean

Indicator whether or not the stage contains finalized deals.

position number

The stage’s position in the pipeline.

likelihood number

The likelihood that a deal will be won, set for the stage as percentage.

pipeline_id number

Unique identifier of the pipeline that contains this stage.

created_at string readonly

Date and time of creation in UTC ISO8601 format.

updated_at string readonly

Date and time of last update in UTC ISO8601 format.


Retrieve all stages

Returns all stages available to the user, according to the parameters provided.


Attribute Description
pipeline_id number optional

The unique identifier of the pipeline that contains this stage.

e.g. ?pipeline_id=2
page number optional

The page number to start from. Page numbering starts at 1, and omitting the page parameter will return the first page.

e.g. ?page=2
per_page number optional

The number of records to return per page. The default limit is 25 and the maximum number that can be returned is 100.

e.g. ?per_page=20
sort_by string optional

Comma-separated list of fields to sort by. The sort criteria is applied in the order specified. The default ordering is ascending. If you want to change the sort ordering to descending, append :desc to the field e.g. sort_by=position:desc.

Possible values:

  • pipeline_id
  • id
  • name
  • category
  • position
  • likelihood
e.g. ?sort_by=name
ids string optional

Comma-separated list of stage IDs to be returned in a request.

e.g. ?ids=1,2,3
name string optional

Name of the stage you’re searching for. This parameter is used in a strict sense.

e.g. ?name=Prospecting
active boolean optional

Parameter that determines whether to return active or inactive stages.

e.g. ?active=true